Trusted Foundation Repair

Supporting you and your home isn’t just a motto, it is our way of life. If you are searching for the proper foundation repair company then look no further. Our process is thorough however necessary when it comes to your asset and the ones it holds.

A typical day with us starts with a very kind and friendly conversation with our office, we schedule an appointment that work best with you and your schedule. One of our technicians will arrive on time and perform an in depth inspection which will take approximately an hour of your time. If repairs are necessary an estimated cost for the scope of work will be provided in a timely manner. Repairs can be scheduled at the time of evaluation however we respect that additional time may be necessary for thought and discussion with friends and family; in which a routine follow up will be made on our end. At the end of the day you will have more knowledge about your property than you have had before and feel comfortable to make the right decision and choose the family that supports you and your home.

a foundation repair job in process
a commercial concrete project seen from above
an excavator digging at a cracked foundation

Meet the Brothers

A headshot of Curtis

Curtis Schaibly

Co-Founder and President

Curtis Schaibly, a native of Michigan, ventured to Rockwall, Texas, 15 years ago, bringing with him not just his expertise but a legacy steeped in construction excellence. As the Co-Founder and President of Schaibly Brothers Foundation Repair, Curtis embodies the ethos of dedication and precision in every project undertaken by his company.

His academic journey at Central Michigan University laid the groundwork for a career built on integrity, knowledge, and a profound understanding of foundation repair. Curtis's passion for his work is deeply rooted in the satisfaction he derives from ensuring everything is perfectly level— a metaphor for the balance he strives to achieve in both his professional and personal life.

Beyond his commitments to Schaibly Brothers, Curtis is a pillar of the Rockwall community. His active participation in the Rockwall Rotary Club and various service projects reflects his belief in giving back and making a tangible difference. Additionally, his involvement with Lakepoint Church further highlights his dedication to fostering community ties and supporting those around him.

A deep dive into the Schaibly family history uncovers a lineage of respected carpenters dating back to the 1500s. This heritage of craftsmanship and excellence runs through Curtis's veins, guiding his approach to business and service.

At Schaibly Brothers Foundation Repair, Curtis's leadership is not just about ensuring the structural integrity of the homes they repair but about building lasting relationships based on trust, quality, and a shared commitment to excellence. For Curtis, supporting you and your home is more than just a motto; it's a reflection of his way of life.

A headshot of Jake

Jake Schaibly

Co-Founder and Vice President

Jake Schaibly, like the foundations he fortifies, is deeply rooted in a rich tradition of hard work and hands-on expertise. Born and raised in Michigan, Jake moved to Rockwall, Texas shortly after his brother, with a vision to elevate the standard of foundation repair in the area. As Vice President of Schaibly Brothers Foundation Repair, Jake brings a palpable passion for craftsmanship to every aspect of his work, deeply valuing the tangible satisfaction that comes from working with his hands.

Grounded in the values of his upbringing, Jake's knowledge and expertise in the construction industry were primarily shaped by his family's legacy. This comprehensive education in the trades provided him with a solid foundation for his role in the family business, enabling him to apply his skills and passion effectively to uphold the high standards Schaibly Brothers is known for.

Outside of work, Jake finds solace and joy in the great outdoors. He is an avid fisherman, frequently found casting his line in the tranquil waters of Lake Levon or Lake Ray Hubbard. This hobby not only reflects Jake's love for nature but also mirrors his professional life—both require patience, precision, and a deep understanding of the environment to achieve success.

Jake's move to Rockwall wasn't just a change of scenery; it was the beginning of a journey to build something enduring with his brother—something that goes beyond mere business. At Schaibly Brothers Foundation Repair, Jake's commitment to excellence and his hands-on approach are integral to the company's success. He embodies the belief that true satisfaction comes from putting in the work, solving problems, and seeing the direct impact of one's efforts on the community and its homes.